Bamix Gastro 200 Mixer/Immersion Blender

Bamix Gastro 200 Mixer/Immersion Blender

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With over 7 million units sold, Bamix is the most popular immersion blender in the world. Bamix does an incredible array of mixing for the professional chef.

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The Gastro 200 version of the Bamix Immersion Blenders is the preferred immersion blender for professionals.

It runs at two speeds, with a high speed of 17,000 RPMs and a 2" longer stainless steel shaft (total shaft length: 7 1/2") than the Bamix Mono or Deluxe versions, to accommodate larger pots. Can be safely used in boiling liquids. Bamix Gastro weight: 34 oz. Operates on 110 Volt/150 Watt power.

The Bamix Gastro 200 comes equipped with mincer, beater and whisk blades as well as wall bracket and instruction booklet. Change accessories in just a few seconds by snapping into place!

The Mincer
Minces and chops raw and cooked vegetables, cooked meat, vegetables in soups; crushes ice cubes and liquifies frozen fruits. For all solids.

The Beater
Whips egg-whites, skimmed milk, cream, butter, custard. For blending and binding sauces and soups. For all light, frothy dishes.

The Whisk
For preparation of mayonnaise, sauces, cocktails, pancake batter, milk shakes, salad dressings. For all dishes with a thick, creamy consistency.

Here's what chefs have had to say about the Swiss-made Bamix Gastro 200 Mixer/Immersion Blender.


  1. Versatility makes this a chef’s “must have” piece of equipment.
  2. It is a space saver, lightweight for easy transport to off-site events.
  3. Sleek design makes it easy to keep clean and sanitized (not a lot of nooks & crannies).
  4. Durable - the construction of this piece is extremely well done and there are no pieces to attach or switch out which is far more durable- the less moving parts the better.
  5. Powerful torque makes quick work out of whipping small amounts of:

    • Cream
    • Meringues
    • Coulis
    • Emulsions
    • Foams

Perfect for re-doing broken small sauces such as beurre blancs or beurre rouges - this is especially important for a caterer who is transporting foods into the field without a lot equipment.

A small, powerful piece of equipment that meets chefs' needs is crucial. (Great for small batches of 2 servings or up to 1 to 1.5 gallons for 150 servings - depending on the viscosity of the product).


Gordon Ramsay Bamix Mixer Instructional Videos


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